Project Description

Looped sweatshirt fabric

Sweatshirt knit – material for sportswear

  • 2-thread sweatshirt fabric – 95% cotton/5% lycra (elastane) – 280 g/m2, 175 cm
  • 3-thread sweatshirt fabric – 90% cotton/10% PES – 310 g/m2, 180 cm

Warning! It is possible to produce knitted fabrics from organic cotton as the individual request of the client.

Comfortable, flexible material for sportswear? The looped sweatshirt fabric is the best material for comfortable sports and casual clothes. A specially selected type of yarn and technology allowed us to obtain an exceptionally soft, elastic fabric, ideal for sewing tracksuits, sweatshirts or loose sports pants. Loop sweatshirt offers unlimited possibilities thanks to its properties. It is resistant to creases, soft and pleasant to the touch, and in addition very durable. It is perfect for the production of sports clothes, but also practical and comfortable dresses, skirts and blouses for the summer.

Looped sweatshirt fabric – quality from a local knitwear manufacturer

The looped sweatshirt fabric from our knitwear warehouse in Łódź is a guarantee of the highest quality. Their composition is dominated by natural cotton with the addition of durable PES material or elastic Lycra (elastane). The universal knit made of soft, delicate yarn was produced in Poland, in Łódź – the capital of the textile industry.