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Knit luper

The highest quality luper – knitting shop in Łódź

Luper is a fluffy terry cloth. The so-called termofrotte is made of a combination of natural, durable cotton yarn with the addition of polyester. With this type of knitted fabric, one side is looped and the other side is scratched, thus providing warmth and a soft feel. In our wholesale in Łódź, we take care of a wide selection of top-quality fabrics, which is why we offer a luper with various parameters. Choose the best type of material for you:

  • termofrotte:
    80% cotton/20% PES     – 270 g/m2, 180 cm
    80% bamboo/20% PES – 280 g/m2, 180 cm
    80% bamboo/20% PES – 400 g/m2, 180 cm
    100% PES                          – 225 g/m2, 180 cm
  • jacquard:
    100% PES                          – 230 g/m2, 180 cm

Warning! It is possible to produce knitted fabrics from organic cotton as the individual request of the client.

Knitwear luper – knitwear for children Lodz

Luper knitwear is used in the production of swaddles for babies and children, but also blankets and pajamas. Perfectly soft and fluffy fabric, pleasant to the touch and warm – from the best manufacturer of children’s knitted fabrics. The thermofrotte is perfect for the production of children’s towels thanks to its excellent water absorption properties after a toddler’s bath. Luper knitwear is also an excellent material for home clothes, pajamas and bathrobes.


Check out our offer of knitted fabrics for children Łódź – luper, luna and bamboo for reusable nappies!