Project Description

Knit luna (lama)

Soft, furry and fluffy luna knit

Are you looking for a soft, fluffy material for a baby blanket or a bathrobe? Knit luna (lama) is a product of the highest quality, extremely soft on both sides. Pleasant to the touch and very warm.

  • 28:                              100% PES – 220 g / m2, 180 cm
  • 47:                              100% PES – 265 gsm, 180 cm
  • 41 (double-sided):  100% PES – 250 g / m2, 180 cm

Knit lama (luna) – one material, many uses

The lama knit (luna) is perfect for the production of bathrobes, bedspreads, pillows, blankets and sleeping bags for babies, and even children’s swaddles. It is fluffy and soft, which makes it perfect for sewing hats, mascots or children’s clothing. It is an elastic and stretchy fabric with a huge number of applications. Check the offer straight from the luma knitwear manufacturer and see it for yourself!