Project Description

Looped terry

  • regular:                                        80% cotton/20% PES – 185 g/m2, 180 cm
  • 163:                                                80% cotton/20% PES – 260 g/m2, 180 cm
  • bamboo:                                     80% bamboo/20% PES – 270 g/m2, 180 cm
  • stripes:                                         80% cotton/20% PES – 230 g/m2, 180 cm
  • bleached/washed melange: 80% cotton/20% PES – 220 g /m2, 180 cm

Warning! It is possible to produce knitted fabrics from organic cotton as the individual request of the client.

Absorbent, delicate terry fabric – producer of terry fabrics

Extremely absorbent, delicate loop cotton is one of the materials most often used in the production of personal hygiene accessories, such as towels, bed sheets.

Terry is a material with a loop structure made of raw yarn, in which the top layer with its characteristic loops is responsible for practical moisture-absorbing properties. Looped terry is known for its water absorption and exceptional smoothness.

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Looped terry – what can you use it for?

The looped terry is used in the production of towel blankets, bathrobes and sheets. Its unique properties are perfect for textiles that are designed to absorb moisture. It can be used both at home and in a hotel or office. The terry loop knit fabric is also recommended for the production of bedding, children’s textiles and underwear. As a producer of terry fabrics, we offer elastic and soft looped cotton in various weights and colors. Our offer also includes a knitted fabric based on a delicate bamboo knit. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range!