Project Description

Bamboo – fabric for natural reusable diapers

  • 80% bamboo / 20% cotton – weight: 270 g / m2, width: 188 cm
  • 80% bamboo / 20% cotton – weight: 340 g / m2, width: 180 cm
  • 80% bamboo / 20% organic cotton – weight: 370 g / m2, width: 180 cm

A manufacturer of knitted fabrics for children – natural reusable diapers

Natural reusable diapers are an alternative to traditional disposable diapers. We know how important ecology is for many young parents. That is why we offer you a planet-friendly material – knitwear for children dedicated to more and more sought-after, ecological reusable diapers in the spirit of the zero waste idea. 100% natural material from a local manufacturer of knitted fabrics from Lodz, created with the health and comfort of children in mind.

Safe for the delicate skin of a child, without petroleum based raw materials such as polyester. Soft and absorbent, pleasant to the touch. Only the natural color of bamboo and cotton yarn, no chemical dyes. Because safety is most important to us.

Bamboo nappies – safe knitwear for children

Thanks to the use of bamboo, which is becoming more and more popular on the market, it is natural and breathable, and dries quickly after washing. It gives a pleasant feeling of warmth in winter and gently cools in summer. Bamboo is famous for its excellent antibacterial properties. The knitwear is Oeko-Tex I Class certified, which means that it is safe for use by infants and children up to 3 years of age!